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Community newsflash!




Post Your Service Or Item To Sell!



You've Asked for it and We've Delivered it!  Here is a place that community members can post goods and services for sale.  Want to post that you baby-sit?  Have a lawnmower to sell?  Need to sell your boat? Offering Lawn services?  This area is for you!    Please check back often - you might find just what you need!


A Couple Directions on HOW TO USE.

  - Just Select The "SIGN GUESTBOOK" and follow the instructions to post your Item or Service.

  - You Must put in a NAME.  In the comments ~  list any contact info you would like to use.

        ~ Please remember this is a web page.  Anybody can view it ~


(Unfortunately at this time you can not post pictures - just text.  I can add functionality to enable pictures but there are additional costs.  We'll monitor usage and if this seems to get used often we'll revisit adding pictures)


  - You MUST put in the Security Number listed to post your comment / item. (Reduces SPAM)


Hit "Add My Comments" and that's It!



*** This site is not to be used to post inappropriate material.  There are some controls to monitor and prevent it -  but If you see something that should not be here,  Email me at ~ I will delete it.  I can also block the IP address to prevent any further violations.  Additionally - if you want your own comment deleted, you can email that request to the same address.  A note about me...  Although I built and maintain this website, I do it as a courtesy.  I am a homeowner here just like you.  So please keep change requests to a minimum and I'll respond as soon as feasible. Also, once a month, I'll delete old or no longer relevant items to keep these pages fresh.