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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


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October 8, 2007


Seminole Land Owners Association – Board Meeting


  • Dennis Baron calls the meeting to order at 7:34 pm – member present, Dennis Baron, Roger Marchman, Bob Bremser, Jim Craft and Lisa Salasek


  • Lisa Salasek reads the minutes from the September 10th meeting.  Jim Craft motion to accept the minutes with 2 changes.  Roger Marchman seconds and the motion carries.


  • Jim Craft gives the treasurers report. 
    • As of the 9/28/07 bank statement we have $28, 413.10 in the checking account and $47, 692.60 in the savings account.  The checkbook has been balanced and matches the statement figures.
    • There are still 17 lots (11 people) that have not paid annual dues.  Lien letters to be sent out this month.
    • Invoice for Willie Evans 2006-2007 dues to be sent to lot address.  Estate should pay since he is deceased.
    • Road Assessment – Only one outstanding (McGee)


  • Bills to be Paid:

1.      Insurance - $1312 for coverage 11/1/07 through 11/1/08

2.      ECBC Water Authority – 3 invoice of $18.98 each = $56.94

3.      Baldwin EMC - $95 (auto draft from checking account)

4.      Al’s Lawn Care - $1380


Bob Bremser motions to pay the bills.  Roger Marchman seconds and the motion carries.


  • Dennis Baron questioned if current insurance bonds the individuals dealing with the associations’ money or do we need separate insurance?  The board will look into the answer at a future meeting after the new policy is received and reviewed.  We will also look into if we are carrying enough insurance.


  • Tree by the boardwalk was cut and removed.  Proof of liability insurance was received from the company that did the work.


  • Bob Bremser motions that invoices for dues are mailed in separate envelopes from other information being sent to association members to avoid confusion.  Roger Marchman seconds and the motion carries.


  • Ponds:
    • Charlie Vannoy talked to the state biologist and there is nothing we can do until approximately June.
    • Pond committee will need to have a meeting to answer all of the biologist’s questions regarding current conditions and what we want to see for the future.
    • Dennis Baron will contact Lou to inquire on turtle traps and other items purchased for the ponds in the past.



  • “Lover’s Lane” (boat dock area) – Roger Marchman presented the following items for maintenance and security


1.      Place Security light on pole in parking area - $7.99 month – Baldwin EMC

2.      Remove 5 stumps to make room for additional parking, and improve the overall appearance. - $175 – A1 Stump Grinding

3.      Fabricate new 12’ steel fence for east side of gate - $380 D&D Welding

4.      Add ½ dump truck load (10 tons) of rock in turn around area - $29.50 per ton ($295) Martin Marietta Co. – Ricky Herndon (HHH Construction) will pick-up & deliver for $100


Jim Craft motions to do all suggested items listed, but changing #4 to a full load.

Bob Bremser seconds and the motion carries.


  • Lot # 5D + Poarch Creek Indians – fax was sent 10/4/2007 and we are waiting for a reply.  Our contact (Wendy Davis) was unaware of the outstanding fees and violations.


  • Escambia County Sheriff’s office is requesting a key to the boat ramp for emergency situations. Through discussion it was suggested that the Seminole Volunteer Fire Department, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and the Baldwin County Marine Patrol could also benefit from access to the boat ramp.  Letter requesting the keys and a statement of SLOA’s exemption of liability would be required before a key would be issued.  Jim Craft motions that keys are issued with letters received.  Lisa Salasek seconds and the motion carries.


  • Roger Marchman will look into getting a new lock for the boat ramp.  Matt White was assigned to make contact with the Sheriff’s offices.


  • The auction that took place in July on the Donovan side – the property previously did not vote, covenants did not apply and they did not have access to common areas. With the subdivision of the property, new owners will be ruled by the covenants.  No connecting road to Browns Landing will be allowed.  The association will need to follow up and act accordingly when the rest of the property sells.


  • Web Site needs to be updated. 
    • Jim Craft will need to contact the host company to regain access. 
    • We want to add board minutes to the wed site.
    • Bob Bremser wants to add weather and river level data
    • Once access is received Jim will get with Tom Stevenson to handle web site maintenance.
    • Please bring ideas to the next meeting on what you would like to see added / changed about the web site.


  • Dennis wants to set up a Saturday meeting to discuss details of projects that need to be worked on during the cooler weather. (Ditches, architectural committee, boat ramps, common areas, discussing amending by-laws, etc.)  Please look at your calendars for days that you can be available.


  • Jim Craft motions that the meeting be adjourned.  Dennis Baron seconds and the motion carries.


The next meeting will be Monday November 12th at Roger Marchmans’ house.