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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...



November, 2008


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order @ 7:09pm.  Members attending:


Linda Westenfelder

Dave Westenfelder

Roger Marchman


Jeannie Bettcher  (new member)  Home #946-2507



Dave Brown  (new member)       Home # 947-6081



Anna Toler   (new member)

(Anna was appointed to the board as Bob Bremser has resigned).

  Home #946-9009  /  Cell # 251-233-7921





Lisa Salasek

Dennis Williams (new member)




Linda Westenfelder mentioned that we have a few bills to be paid.


1) Water Bill (ECBC)  $62.25

2) AL's Lawn Care     $2,720.00  (Sept & Oct)


A motion was made & seconded for these bills to be paid.



#1) The Board's Lapp-Top computer is not "booting up" properly.  Roger

Marchman volunteered to see about it.  A suggestion was also made that we may

need to obtain some kind of data backup plan.


#2)  Linda Westenfelder has contacted Marty Donovan concerning the title

discrepancies of the common areas.  Donovan agreed to turn this matter over to his attorney in order to come to a resolution, and have these title issues resolved.



#3)  Linda Westenfelder stated that we have a homeowner that we had a lien

filed against that has now paid their dues but not their attorney fees.  Interest will be figured & charged to this homeowner.


#4)  The ditch on Erin Pond Rd. (at big Erin Pond) need to be cleaned out,

and the excess dirt and brush needs to be removed.  Dave Westenfelder has received 2 estimates for this job.


#5)  The culvert on Erin Pond Rd. across from the Grassaffi's (that was my

best try on the spelling) old house (which has been purchased by Charlie Hawk) is all but plugged.

* We need to contact this owner and ask them to clean this culvert out.


#6)  Jeannie is working on completing the minutes from the annual meeting.



Lisa, (Tom) please make the following change to the SLOA Home page.


Remove:  Mike Webber, Bob Bremser, Matt White, & Jim Craft.

Add:        Directors:  Jeanie Bettcher, Dennis Williams, David Brown, &

Anna Toler

Change:   Roger Marchman, Treasurer


* We will elect a vice-president at our next Board meeting.


The two bills were paid and Linda gave the SLOA checkbook & a mailbox key

to Roger Marchman.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30pm.


* The next BOD meeting will be held at the Westenfelder's on Monday,

December 1st @ 7pm.