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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...




November 12, 2007


Seminole Landing Owners Association – Board Meeting


  • Dennis Baron calls the meeting to order at 7:00 pm – members present Dennis Baron, Roger Marchman, Linda Westenfelder, Bob Bremser, Mike Weber, Matt White and Lisa Salasek.  Charlie Vannoy was also in attendance.


  • Dennis announces that due to family issues he has to resign from the board.


  • Lisa Salasek reads the minutes from the October 8th meeting.  Matt White motions to accept the minutes.  Linda Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.


  • Web Site updates are on hold until we can regain access.  Jim Craft is to contact the web site hosting company for the information.


  • Lisa Salasek presented that window cling “stickers” for all association members’ vehicle windshields can be obtained at $300 for 1000 (one color).  Bob Bremser motions to purchase.  Mike Weber seconds and the motion passes. 


  • The Pond Committee will be taken over by Linda Westenfelder.  When the committee meets it needs to be discussed how we could keep trespassers off of the ponds.


  • Dennis suggested a quarterly newsletter be started after the first of the year.


  • Jim Craft was out of town and no treasurer’s report was submitted.


  • Boat Dock update – Roger Marchman
    • Security light has been installed
    • 5 stumps and roots have been removed – total cost of $200
    • Still working on new steel fencing
    • Rock has not been delivered yet
    • New locks have been placed on both sides of the gate and have been re-keyed to match the existing keys.


  • Special Projects – Bob Bremser
    • Modifications to the boat dock have been tabled due to a possible error in the county records for the lots next to the dock area – Bob Bremser will contact the records office to get direction on how to correct
    • Boat Ramp is uneven and needs to be added to the list of items that need to be updated
    • There are common areas that are legally owned by Navonod that SLOA maintains and pays taxes on.  Are we able to get these legally changed to SLOA ownership?  Was noted that Jim Craft had looked into this in the past.  Not sure of the outcome.  Will ask Jim at the next meeting.
  • When the Donovan Circle ditch is fixed there is an association member requesting to have the rock that is currently there.  Dennis Baron suggested that a letter of this request be submitted to the board.  Rock must remain until repairs have been made.


  • The association has already approved ditch repairs, but no action had been taken until the books were corrected and up to date. Bob Bremser will start making contacts to find out the best way for the repairs to be made.


  • Road Projects – Mike Weber
    • We are looking into the warranty on the roads to see if the repairs that are needed are covered
    • A couple of board members will meet with the home owners that the roads now infringe on their property to come to an agreement on how to fix the situation
    • The fence by the Johnson’s house had been bent over, but Dennis fixed it.  Mrs. Johnson said that they only wanted acknowledgement that the road is on her property and that SLOA makes no claims to the part of her property that the road is on.  We will need to get a statement in writing to cover the association.
    • There are a couple of areas of road that are washing out and need to be addressed ASAP


  • Association Attorney – do we want to use Preston Hicks?
    • It is suggested that we give a $1000 retainer to whoever we use
    • Roger Marchman found two land specific attorney’s in the area and will contact them for information on fees and if they would be willing to represent the association
    • Anyone else knowing of an attorney that they think would be interested, please find out the same information and report at the next meeting for discussion


  • LOT # 5D and the Poarch Creek Indians
    • 10/23 – Dennis tried to contact Ms. Davis four times. Ms. Davis was supposed to be talking to her boss and setting up a meeting with their attorney and said would call back, but has not as of date.
    • 10/24 – left message
    • 11/5 – Ms. Davis called back and left message
    • 11/6 – left message
    • 11/7 – left message
    • 11/8 – left message about Monday’s board meeting and wanting to move forward with other actions to resolve the outstanding issues
    • We do have a court order to take the building down.  We need to talk to an attorney to see what actions we can take next
    • Matt White stated that we will need to re-file as contempt of court
    • Dennis will call the building department to see what they can do and if they can take a definite stance.
    • Bob Bremser will find out when the next County Commissioner’s meeting is in session to see if our issue can be put on the agenda.


  • LOT # 25A  and 20A
    • Digging in the riverbank has occurred without permits.  There is trash in the yard and a boat trailer parked across the street in the right away (we have been unable to confirm that the trailer is theirs at this point)
    • Dennis tried to contact the homeowner, but no answer at the door.  He also left a letter with no response and tried to call.  Contact was made with no resolution.  The letter that was e-mailed to the board has been sent and no response has been received.
    • There is another boat trailer in the right of way in front of LOT # 20A.  A letter will be sent to both homeowners to have the trailers removed or they will be towed at the owners’ expense.


  • Next meeting we will need to vote on a new president.


  • Matt White motions to adjourn the meeting.  Lisa Salasek seconds and the motion passes.


The next meeting will be Monday December 10th, 7pm at Linda Westenfelder’s house. (20299 Erin Pond Rd East)