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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...



May 12, 2008


Seminole Landing Owners Association – Board Meeting



  • Linda Westenfelder calls the meeting to order at 7:12pm.  Members present Linda Westenfelder, Dave Westenfelder, Roger Marchman, Matt White, Bob Bremser, Lisa Salasek.  Dennis Baron is also in attendance.


  • Lisa Salasek read the minutes from the 4.14.08 meeting.  It was noted that we will not need new picnic tables and benches at the Juniper common area.  Matt White motions to approve the minutes.  Bob Bremser seconds and the motion passes.


  • Linda talked to Kylie with the Poarch Creek Indians.  She has to get approval from the board to pay the invoice that was received, but doesn’t expect there to be any issues.  Their board meeting is scheduled for next week.  Linda has scheduled a meeting with Kylie to acquire the check and to sign off on the outstanding liens once received.


  • Year to Date we have collected $34,154.00 in annual dues and special assessments.  We are resending invoices to any incorrect/returned addresses as they come up.   Next year we need to add lot #’s and a payment coupon with the invoices to help with tracking issues.


  • A suggestion came in on the website form suggesting the association accept credit cards for dues and special assessment payments.  A true credit card processing would not be beneficial to the processing company, but Pay Pal could be set up for next year, with the processing fee being picked up by each individual association member using the service.


  • Lisa Salasek suggested that a letter for up to date information for association members be included in the upcoming SLOA Quarterly with a stamped return envelope for convenience.  This should cost less than $200 and will make sure we have accurate means of communication.  Matt White motions to spend the funds and send the update letter.  Linda Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.


  • Roger Marchman is meeting with All Tech Systems on a cross bar type of gating (like at Nature Trail on 9 Mile, but without the guard station).  What information he has gotten so far makes this model much more cost effective and will work with remote or key pad.



  • Two bills to be paid: 1. $1630 to Al’s Lawn Care; 2. $62.25 for three water bills.  Matt White motions to pay the bills.  Bob Bremser seconds and the motion passes.


  • Dave Westenfelder is waiting for a call back from the engineer about the ditch. 


  • The annual meeting has been confirmed with First Baptist Church of Seminole for Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 9am.  Although the church is not asking for monetary compensation, Roger motions that SLOA donate the same amount of money that we were paying for the auction house.  Dave Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.


  • Dennis Baron suggested to take up a donation for the Seminole Fire Department at the annual meeting.


  • Annual meeting agenda will be discussed in detail at next months meeting.


  • The stain/sealant that is used on the entrance signs is:

Behr – Transparent

Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish

#500 Natural


  • The next meeting will be Monday, June 9th at 7pm at Dave and Linda Westenfelders house.


  • Lisa Salasek motions to adjourn the meeting.  Dave Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.