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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


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March 10, 2008


Seminole Landing Owners Association - Board Meeting



  • Linda Westenfelder calls the meeting to order at 7:05pm.  Members present Linda Westenfelder, Dave Westenfelder, Matt White, Roger Marchman, Mike Weber and Lisa Salasek


  • Road Update

1.      Mailboxes were moved last weekend

2.      Dirt has been delivered and Al will start work this week

3.      We are still waiting on the engineer to start work on the ditches, but he has been given the required information


  • We have received one estimate on gating the community from Seville Security and are still looking for other estimates.  Found out that the county will need a building permit and zoning verification form.  The state only requires that the gate is 100 feet from the main roads.


  • Community Yard Sale – do we want to have one this year?  Who would like to organize?  We will put info in the next SLOA Quarterly and web site asking for a community member volunteers.


  • Poarch Creek Indians – have not had a response back yet from the invoice that was sent, Linda will call to get an update.


  • Dave Westenfelder put a fresh coat of sealant on the entrance signs


  • Lisa Salasek read the meeting notes from 2.11.08.  Matt White motions to approve the notes. Dave Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.


  • Lot #1 has been approved for updates. (via email & phone conversations)


  • The boards have been removed from the boat dock at the end of the boardwalk


  • Repairs need to be made to the common areas (table and benches @ Erin Pond, gates/fences, etc) will look into pricing.  Matt will talk to homeowners about common area easements on property.



  • The Annual Meeting is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 23, 2008.  We are looking into a new meeting place that can better accommodate our group and possibly less expensive.


  • We will need three new members on the board this year.  Please start talking to neighbors and community members to initiate interest.  Invite them to a board meeting, so that they can see what is involved.


  • If anyone has any articles or ideas for articles for the next SLOA Quarterly, please let Lisa Salasek know asap.


  • Next meeting will be Monday, April 14, 2008, 7pm at Roger Marchman’s house.


  • Dave Westenfelder motions that the meeting be adjourned.  Matt White seconds and the motion passes.