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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...





June 23, 2009


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting



  • Meeting is called to order at @ 7:15pm.  Members present Linda Westenfelder, Dave Westenfelder, Roger Marchman, Anna Toler, Dave Brown, Dennis Williams and Lisa Salasek.  Tommy Taylor was also in attendance.


  • Roger Marchman presented the financial report.

    • Checking account     $56119.50 as of 5/31/09

    • Money Market Savings account      $48102.94 as of 5/31/09.  This new account earned $50.61 in interest where the previous savings account had only earned $11.84 in the first quarter.


  • Bills to be paid:

    • Racine Farm Supply (gates)                        $220.32

    • HHC (clean up of the boat dock area)         $2150.00

    • ECBC Water Authority                               $65.91

    • Baldwin EMC                                             $194.00

    • Roger Marchman (gate hardware)  $118.07

Roger Marchman motions to pay the bills.  Lisa Salasek seconds and the motion passes.


  • Tommy Taylor presented the following recommendations for the pond maintenance:

    • Water sample pH reports have come back and levels on all three ponds are good. We can wait for the lime treatment until spring.

    • In 18 inches of water you should not be able to see a shiny object on the bottom of the pond.

    • Recommended a spray program for weed control and then fertilization about a week later.

    • Dave Westenfelder motions to purchase the weed control and fertilization products.  Dennis Williams seconds and the motion passes.


  • Possible dates for this year’s annual meeting are September 12, 19 or 26.  Linda will be contacting Pastor Williamson at First Baptist Church of Seminole to see if we are able to use their facilities again this year.


  • Lisa Salasek motions to adjourn the meeting.  Linda Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.





Next meeting will be Tuesday, July 21, 2009 @ 7pm.