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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...



January 18, 2010 (special meeting date)


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting



  • Meeting called to order at 6:36PM by Jeanie Bettcher with a prayer. Members present; Jeanie Bettcher, Roger Marchman, Dora Powell, Rick Wilson, Dennis Williams, John Streety, Scott Ames, Anna Toler.


    Guests: Tommy Taylor, David Parra


    Tommy Taylor has been spearheading the pond projects and gave written updates and suggestions to the Board for the continued pond maintenance. Further discussion was for restocking all 3 Ponds with catfish. All Board Members received detailed copies of Mr. Taylors’ report.


    David Parra presented a plan/drawing to add a walkway ramp that would allow members to more easily access the boat dock when launching/loading their boats. The ramp will have a slight incline and slip-preventive measures will be included.  Materials and labor will be donated by David Parra, Jerry McDonald and Scott Ames.   There will be no cost to the Association.  Jeanie motions to approve the ramp addition, Rick seconds and the motion passes.


    The Board discussed the walkway to the boat dock and the lack of access for golf carts.   It was noted that the Association was never given a vote as to whether or not they wanted to have this access closed.  Further discussion to follow.


    Minutes were read by the Secretary, the motion was made to accept the minutes and Rick seconds the motion passes.


    One of the benches at the Big Erin Pond common area has disappeared.   The table and chairs were supposed to be glued down upon delivery and installation.  Rick noted that the concrete table and chairs on the Sweetwater Loop and Donovan Landing common areas were all glued down.  Rick noted that he would purchase some construction glue and glue the remaining two benches at Big Erin Pond.  Rick also suggested a security light might help in this area.  Discussion ensued that if a light were installed, it would have to be on a timer and have a shield.  It was also noted that at the 2008 Annual Meeting, SLOA members noted they did not want the Association to pay for any additional lighting other than the entrances and the three lights at the boat ramp area.


    Rick, Scott and Dennis left the meeting at approximately 7:45 p.m. due to prior engagements.


    Jeanie asked Roger again when he planned to turn over the SLOA documents he received from Linda Westenfelder so that  she and Dora could review them and have them on file for future reference.  It was noted that they had been in Roger’s possession for approximately two months.  Roger indicated he still needed to review the files and would not give a definite time as to when he would turn them over to the President.  


    Roger motions to adjourn, John seconds motion carried. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.