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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


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January 14, 2008


Seminole Landing Owners Association – Board Meeting


  • Matt White calls the meeting to order at 7:21pm – members present Matt White, Roger Marchman, Linda Westenfelder, Lisa Salasek and Jim Craft. Dave Westenfelder is also present.


  • Insurance – second policy was paid, but the check was never cashed/received.  Re-issued check.  Matt White motions to stop payment on previous check.  Linda Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.


  • Lot 5d- Dave and Linda Westenfelder researched previous records and found the following information:


1.      2001 – 2004 annual assessments were paid through Preston Hicks – we will need to remove these liens

2.      $1500 + court costs for the building should be forgiven, since all other law suits on buildings have already been dropped

3.      Road assessment + court costs, annual assessments for 2005, 2006 and 2007 are still past due.


Jim Craft motions that we forgive $1500 + court costs for the building, and do not charge any late fees or interest on the past due annual assessments since we were not aware until recently that the property was actually owned by the Porch Creek Indians. We should also add in the special assessment that is coming due to the total.  Total amount that would be owed at this time is $3707.86.  Lisa Salasek seconds and the motion passes.  Jim Craft will send an itemized invoice to the Porch Creek Indians.  Once payment has been received all liens will be removed.


  • Glen Morgan is requesting that a gate be placed into the fence closing off Lost River Road on the Donovan Landing side.  The Association voted in the past that previous gate be removed and the fence be erected to deter access and theft to the property.  Lisa Salasek motions that if a new gate is to be installed it will have to be brought in front of the entire Association for voting.  Linda Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes. 


  • E-mail / Greg Williams – asking if there are plans to repair boat dock. Dave Westenfelder will put together a proposal for possible upgrades/repairs.


  • Roger Marchman and Linda Westenfelder will get estimates on gating the entrances and will report at the next meeting.


  • There have been complaints of a tractor (without the trailer) being parked within the Association. Per the covenants no commercial vehicles are allowed to be parked on Association property.  Matt White and Lisa Salasek will draft a letter to address the issue.


  • We are still in need of three estimates for the road and ditch repairs.  Discussed best way to make repairs.  Jim Craft will get contact names to Dave and Linda Westenfelder so that they can get estimates.


  • Treasurers Report – as of 12/31/07 we have $47,839.34 in our savings account and $28,048.34 in our checking account.


Bills Due:


    1. Taxes totaling                         $561.12
    2. Al’s Lawn Care                      $980.00
    3. ECBC Water Auth                  $199.29
    4. Baldwin EMC                        auto deduct


Matt White motions to pay all bills.  Linda Westenfelder seconds and the motion passes.


  • We need to add two new board members.  Linda Westenfelder moves up to a voting position.  Dave Westenfelder was invited to join the board as a non-voting member since he has been present at the past 3+ meetings and is involved in ongoing projects.  Voting for a new president will take place at the next meeting.


  • Lisa Salasek presented a redesigned website and is requesting reimbursement of $80 for the purchase of the template.  Matt White motions to reimburse the $80.  Jim Craft seconds and the motion passes. Jim Craft will get the password re-set on the current web hosting site and get with Lisa Salasek and Tom Stevenson to upload the new website.


  • Jim Craft motions to adjourn the meeting.  Matt White seconds and the motion passes.


The next meeting will be Monday, February 11th – 7pm at Jim Crafts house.