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Monthly Minutes For SLOA Meeting


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February 4, 2010


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting



  • Meeting called to order at the home of Rick Wilson at 7:00PM

    In attendance, Rick Wilson, Dora Powel, Jeanie Bettcher, John Streety, Anna Toler and Roger Marchman. Absent, Dennis Williams and Scott Ames.


    Jan. 18 minutes read by the Secretary.  Dora motions to accept the minutes with corrections and Rick seconds’ motion passes.


    Jeanie, all officers are insured and bonded until March.

     To date we received 74 of the Ballots for the West Erin Pond entrance. 66 voted YES and 8 NO. Jeanie is looking to receive at least half of the Association Ballots before we will be able to proceed with or drop the project.


    The ditch at the end of Donovan Drive by the Boat Ramp is in need of repairs. Dora suggested that we have an Association member Philip McCoy perform the needed repairs by not charging him for his Association dues. Anna questioned the payment suggestions since a lot of this type of work has been performed in the past by volunteers.

    Dora suggested the McCoy’s are having difficulty paying their dues.

    (It has since come to my attention that the McCoy’s have not paid their part of the Road expenses, owe for past dues and the Association has a lien on their property)

    Rick motioned to pass this and John seconds but I suggest further discussion on this matter.


    The Erin Pond Bench that turned up missing will be replaced by JRC concrete at no further charges. The bench should have been secured where it could not have been removed.


    Rick continued with the project of obtaining an aerator pump for the Sweetwater Pond at an affordable price. Rick suggested we purchase the pump locally which will help with repairs and maintenance. No motions made.


    Annual meeting discussed and Jeanie suggested door prizes to give an additional incentive to the Association members to attend their Annual Meeting. Anna suggested instead of using Association Funds to purchase the door prizes contact local Business owners to donate items for prizes. No motion was made.


    The Boat key project, Roger has the lock and we need to order 200 new keys.


    New signs for the Common Areas need to be ordered 7 or 8. The suggested signs will read “SLOA Members Only” Old signs will be stored in the event they might be needed in the future. Not sure who will store them.


    The SLOA car stickers which had been ordered by the previous Board will be send out with the Annual Meeting notice. 2 per household will go out with a note that if additional stickers are needed to contact the Board.


    The issue with the many Dishes that are in view from roof tops and yards was discussed after receiving an anonymous letter. The Board decided since there are a great many of these and have been there for some time to drop this issue. Rick motions to accept and John seconds motion passed.


    Roger delivered 7 boxes of old records from past Boards to Jeanie.


    Jeanie and Dora made a visit to the Association Lawyer, Devin Moore, for Association matters.


    The Association assessment invoices were discussed and the verbiage thereon. Anna and Roger advised against sending out same with the verbiage such as “per legal council”

    and such questionable statements which the present Board deems was wrong with the past Board

    Rick suggested we remove the additional verbiage. I believe Jeanie agreed but no motions were made.


    Roger, bills paid out; $ 74.99 to ECBC (Water Authority) ck# 1167

    Checkbook balance $ 547.65 per Roger the true balance should be $121.60. Roger stated he inherited this discrepancy when he took office. Outstanding balance is $ 252.46.

    The Money Market account is at $91,022.74


    Invoices are slated to be out on the 5th of Feb.


    Jeanie cited issues with the present covenants. Scott who was not present was supposed to offer a discussion regarding the issues.  Discussion regarding the addressing of letters no help was solicited from the Board members present.


    Meeting adjourned do not have record of who motioned