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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...




February 17, 2009


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting



  • Meeting is called to order at 7:17pm.  Member present Dennis Williams, David Brown, Linda Westenfelder, Dave Westenfelder, Roger Marchman, Anna Toler, Jeanie Bettcher and Lisa Salasek.


  • There was no January meeting, due to no urgent business needed attending to.


  • Lisa Salasek reads the minutes from the December 2008 meeting.  Linda Westenfelder motions to accept the minutes, Jeanie Bettcher seconds and the motion passes.


  • Roger Marchman presented the treasurers report:

    • Checking            $17,835.27             as of January 31, 2009

    • Savings            $47,992.87            as of December 31, 2008 (quarterly statements)


  • Roger Marchman motions to place the savings funds into a six month CD @ 2.25% interest.  Lisa Salasek seconds and the motion passes.


  • Bills to be paid:

    • ECBC Water                                                 $62.25

    • Stone, Grenade, Crosby (attorney)                 $301.00

    • Lisa Salasek (envelopes)                                $19.00

  • Roger Marchman motions to pay these items, Jeanie Bettcher seconds and the motion passes.


  • Invoices for the upcoming annual dues will be completed shortly.  We will schedule a special meeting to “stuff” envelopes. 


  • Tommy Taylor will be taking over the pond committee and will be asked to join us at the next regular board meeting. 


  • We need to come up with a plan to dispose of the excess concrete from the ditch repairs that are at the boat ramp and the tree debris that is at the east entrance on the Seminole Landing side.



  • Don Sanders talked to Linda Westenfelder about the “explosions” that took place Friday, February 6, 2008.  The police have already made an appearance on the scene that night and were unable to prove who did what.  We will come up with a way to address the issue if is occurs again.


  • Roger Marchman motions to adjourn the meeting, Lisa Salasek seconds and the motions passes.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 3rd @ 7pm @ Roger Marchmans house.