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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting




December 3, 2009


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting



  • Meeting called to order at 6:30PM at the home of SLOA President Jeanie Bettcher with a prayer by Rev. Doug Green.



  • Members present: Rick Wilson, Jeanie Bettcher, Dora Powell, Roger Marchman, John Streety, Scott Ames, Dennis Williams, Anna Toler.



  • Guests Al Laskowski, Rev. Doug Green, Tom and Chris McHenry, Lynn Wilson, Jim and Elaine Craft.



  • Al submitted a proposal for the maintenance and landscaping of the west Seminole Landing entrance.  The landscaping committee consists of Al Laskowski, Roger Marchman, Rick Mathesin, Rick Wilson, Sam Johnson and Scott Ames.  Board Members received a map, detailed worksheets and costs.  Plants $1,334.75, centipede sod $910.00, irrigation $376.00, misc. items @1,315.00 for a total of $4,211.25 which includes 7% tax. Irrigation usage and costs will be compounded by usage depending on seasons and city water rates. There was further discussion for a 1 time charge of $80.00 for a valve and possible lighting for the entrance sign, solar lights will also be considered.  Al brought up the necessity for curbing the entrance as there is a lot of corrosion caused by rain and people driving/walking over the affected area. The cost is estimated at about $3,000.00. Al will be donating his time, equipment and gas for this project and the other committee members will volunteer their time. Rick Wilson will be donating the erosion material.


  • Jeanie cited earlier problems with the Donovan’s regarding irrigation on property not owned by SL. Al stated this project would be far enough back and should not cause problems.


  • At this point in time Jim Craft joined the meeting.  As a result, Dora made the motion to continue this proposal later in the meeting, Rick seconds the motion passes.

  • Jim Craft requested to address the Board.

  • Jim was given the floor to voice his concerns.  He cited problems with the manner in which votes were obtained by Jeanie Bettcher, Dora Powell and Tom McHenry and moves to have Jeanie Bettcher resign as President of the SLOA Board.  Jim suggested a special meeting to address this with the Association.  A motion was made to discuss these allocations, and Scott Ames suggested a committee.  No seconds and the motion did not pass. Some discussion regarding this went on Jim moved from the Board and after some interaction with the other guests he and Elaine left the residence.

  • Dennis Williams does not want Jeanie removed.  Anna Toler and Roger Marchman questioned the motive and how proxies were obtained because individual’s names were written in the nomination slots on the proxies in addition to personal comments addressing no lights, gates, etc. Jeanie Bettcher suggested that those concerned should contact the individuals who gave Dora Powell, Jerry McDonald, Rose Patterson, Tom McHenry and Jeanie Bettcher their proxies to see if any impropriety had taken place.  It was noted that the individuals that gave their proxies were informed that John Streety, Dora Powell and Scott Ames were going to run for the Board at the October 31, 2009 Annual Meeting.  The proxies for these individuals were their voices as to who they wanted to serve on the 2010/2011 Board.

  • At this time Jeanie brought up the matter that Scott Ames felt Rick Wilson should be a voting Board member as he received the highest number of votes at the October 31, 2009 SLOA meeting.   Jeanie made the motion to make Rick a voting board member, (CANNOT REMEMBER who seconded the motion……I think it was either Dora or Scott), The vote carried.

  • Jeanie questioned the 15% SLOA dues increase which she stated was not valid because the Association never received said dues increase notice in writing 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, and it was not on the agenda.  Roger read the SLOA Covenant  Sect. 4 to which Jeanie rebutted with sections 3, 5 and 6.  Rick Wilson pointed out the Covenants clearly indicate any Assessment (dues) increase must be done by proxy and/or vote at a meeting.  As no homeowner received a proxy to vote to increase the dues, the vote at the October 31st meeting is not valid. Scott motions we send a letter to the Association to vote on the 15%.  No second and did not pass.  Dora motions we address the 15% increase at the next Annual Meeting to be held in April.  John seconds.   Anna and Roger nay.  The motion passes.

  • Anna addressed the Board that she agrees with Jim Craft and questions the manner in which some votes were obtained.  However she wants to go forward and keep her place on the Board.  Dennis suggested that Anna stay.  It was agreed by all that Anna should remain on the Board.

  • Jeanie brought up the records for the past years such as past years minutes. Anna will get with past SLOA President Linda Westerfield and obtain what records may be available.

  • Jeanie offered concerns regarding the cost of the landscaping project and suggested for now we vote on the project maintenance.  Rick motions for curbing and the sod to be installed this month.  John seconds.  The motion passes.

  • Roger Marchman with the Treasurer report (bills):


    ECBC - CK# 1156 = $65.37


    Baldwin County Rev. Comm. (SLOA Property tax) CK# 1157 = $398.78


    Baldwin County Rev. Comm.  (Navonod tax)  CK# 1158 = 22.40


    Stone Granade & Crosby P.C  (Attorney fees for liens) CK# 1159 = 380.00


    Kraftonics website charges (charges previously charged to Jim Craft’s credit card dated back to 2005/06/07/08) CK# 1160 = $333.00


  • ECBC CK# 1161 = $21.79

  • Roger reminded the Board that further website charges were possibly charged to Lisa Salasek the previous SLOA secretary.  Jeanie suggested a debit card may be prudent for future website charges and will check with the bank to see if this is possible.  Jeanie asked Roger if he had been successful in getting Dora Powell established with the SLOA bank for check writing/signature purposes as the President, Vice-President and Treasurer are the only Board members that have the authority to sign checks, and Dora must sign checks in the absence of the President.  Roger indicated he had not had the time to get with Dora but would try to do so in the immediate future.

  • Dennis motions to adjourn the meeting.  Rick seconds.  The motion carries and the meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.