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Month Minutes For SLOA Meeting


As a reminder, all residents are welcome to attend at any time...



April 6, 2009


Seminole Landing Owner’s Association – Board Meeting



  • Meeting is called to order at @ 7:20pm.  Members present Linda Westenfelder, Dave Westenfelder, Roger Marchman, Dennis Williams, Dave Brown, Jeanie Bettcher Anna Toler and Lisa Salasek.


  • Treasurers Report as of 4/6/09

    • $36,863.95             checking

    • $48,004.00             in Money Market

    • $25,955.00             collected in dues


  • Bills to be paid:  Roger Marchman motions to pay the bills.  Lisa Salasek seconds and the motion passes.


    • $127.00            ECBC Water Authority

    • $40.00            Ashley Hawk (overpayment of dues)


  • An e-mail was received from Ellen Sprague about the clay pit on Liatrus Lane.  There have been people riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers in the area and she was wondering if there is anything the association can do and if it is a potential liability.  Dennis Williams will follow up and respond.


  • Reviewed the email that Roger Marchman sent with a proposal and estimate to clean up the dock and entrance areas.  Roger makes the motion to go ahead with the project.  Dennis Williams seconds and the motion passes.


  • Al will start mowing again this month.


  • Next month’s meeting will be Monday, May 11th at 700pm @ Roger Marchman’s house.


  • Roger Marchman motions to adjourn the meeting.  David Brown seconds and the motion passes.