SLOA Meeting Minutes

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Annual Meeting For SLOA - August 25, 2007


Seminole Landing Owners Association – Annual Member Meeting



  • Jim Craft calls the meeting to order


  • There were 78 people in attendance + proxies which equal a quorum


  • Brighthouse Cable made a presentation and answered questions


  • Mike Weber read the minutes from the 2006 annual meeting and the minutes from the special meeting.  Rose Patterson questioned the term unanimous when a motion carries; it will be changed to carries by majority or motion carries.  ? motions to accept the minutes, Jeannie Bettcher seconds and the motion carries.


  • Repayments for all of the lawyer fees are $37,682.91.


  • Matt White reviewed the three options to rebuild the road funds that were being voted on.


  • General discussion around the options and whether or not voting should take place at this meeting.  With a hand vote and a count of proxies the decision is to vote today. (59 votes for voting and 27 against)


  • Request for any new volunteers for board members.  There are four spots available.  Dennis Baron nominates Bob Bremser and Bob accepts.  Bob is added to the list of candidates.  Dennis Baron was removed from the voting list as he was appointed to the board due to the resignation of another board member.  Gary Sapp is resigning from the board for personal reasons.  With four candidates and four spots available, voting is for 2 of the 4 and they will take the voting positions. The remaining two will take non-voting positions.


  • Voting took place and the ballots were collected to be counted.


  • Jim Craft read a list of members who have not paid their annual dues.


  • Jim Craft presented the financial statement from Gruenloh & Associates, P.C.  We are still trying to get the financials straight from the past couple of years.  Jim answered questions about expenses listed.  Don Hosman motions to accept the financial report, ? seconds and the motion passes.


  • Dennis Baron discussed the new entrances and recognized members of the design committee.  $3000 was raised through donations for the signs.  Phase II will be to add sprinklers and lights and Phase III will be plants and sod.  There is an estimated cost of $1500- $2000 to complete this project.  The next project we will be looking into is the possibility of gating the community, which would have to be voted on and approved by the association members. 


  • Jim Craft recognized Dennis Baron for leading the entrance committee and completing the project.


  • Voting results:
    • Board members
      1. Lisa Salasek – 61 votes
      2. Roger Marchman – 48 votes
      3. Linda Westenfelder – 32 votes
      4. Bob Bremser – 31 votes


    • Road Fund Replenishment
      1. one assessment – 17 votes
      2. two assessments – 33 votes
      3. raise the annual dues – 19 votes
      4. ** there were 7 no votes


  • A new Dell computer was purchased for association records and QuickBooks Pro has been loaded.  This should help with administering a proposed budget that can be voted upon ahead of time.


  • Lawsuits have been completed 100%


  • Relationship with attorney Taylor has been terminated due to a lot of nickel and dime charges.  Preston Hicks has been talked to since he has done work for us in the past, but no retainer has been paid at this time.


  • Road Issues
    • Several areas of water run off that is starting to erode the roads that need repaired
    • Circle at the end of Erin Pond W was paved 20 feet onto an association member’s property.  A verbal agreement has been made to rectify the situation.
    • When the entrance from Lost River road was closed at Juniper road, the circle was also widened into association member’s property.  We need to talk to these members and work out some kind of resolution.
    • A formal document needs to be signed and notarized to protect the association and members from any future issue these breaches may cause.


  • Auction of John Kilpatrick’s land – some lots were subdivided and they then became full lots and are ruled by SLOA covenants and restrictions.  When the rest of the property subdivides, the developer of the new lots are responsible to build the adjoining roads (with the approval of SLOA for quality purposes) and then SLOA will maintain the new roads going forward under the covenants.


  • There was general discussion about gating the community.  Further research will be done over the next year and the information will be presented at the next annual meeting.


  • The question came up to stop all of the for sale signs and vehicles in front of the entrances.  A general discussion took place around no posting of any kind in the entrances.  No vote was taken since many members had already left.


  • Dock Maintenance – the dock at the end of Donovan Circle is in disrepair and needs to be repaired or removed before someone is injured and the association is held liable.  After discussion Pat Johnson motions to remove the dock.  Dave Westenfelder seconds and the motion carries.


  • Discussion was held around unifying the covenants for all Phases of the association.  By-Laws need to be amended and the covenants need to be one document instead of five.


  • Discussion of Lot # 5D. Steps are being taken to resolve the issues.


Dave Westenfelder motions to adjourn the meeting, Roger Marchman seconds and the motion carries.