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Annual Meeting Results, Board Officers, General Maintenance, Projects, Etc.


We are so grateful to those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to attend the April 28, 2012 annual homeowners’ meeting as well as those who sent in your ballots and/or proxies.   Unfortunately only 102 lots were represented when 110 were needed for a quorum. 


Following protocol a 2nd meeting was scheduled for June 23rd.  As our covenants dictate, representation of 72 lots was needed to constitute a quorum for the 2nd meeting.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who attended this meeting in person, mailed in or gave their ballot/proxy to someone.  As a result of your participation, there were 117 lots represented at the June 23rd meeting.  [That’s 7 more than were needed for the first meeting’s quorum and 45 more than were needed for the 2nd meeting’s quorum.]  Great job everyone!  Hopefully we’ll see the same participation, if not more, for the 2013 annual homeowners’ meeting.

Voting results:




2012 BUDGET:  APPROVED = 110   /   DISAPPROVED = 2   /   LEFT BLANK = 4

2013 ANNUAL ASSESSMENT INCREASE:    NO = 95   /   YES = 20   /   LEFT BLANK = 1   

[Dues remain $174.90 for 2013]


TWO BOARD OF DIRECTOR POSITIONS [2012-2014 TERM]:  No nominations were submitted from the floor.  Two SLOA members received one write-in vote each.   Tom McHenry received 91 votes.  Jeanie Bettcher received 109 votes.

SLOA RESERVE FUND:  There were 7 “blank” votes.   The remaining 109 votes were cast as follows:

OPTION 1 / $25,000 = 12 Votes               OPTION 1 / $50,000 = 7 Votes                   OPTION 1 / $60,000 = 0 Votes

OPTION 1 / $75,000 = 3 Votes                 OPTION 1 / $100,000 = 15 Votes

OPTION 2:   Two (2) Reserve Accounts =  61 Votes

A designated "catastrophic" reserve fund with a $25,000 cap.  Money can only be used for major "out of the ordinary repairs", and a designated "road" fund to which a yearly budgeted amount will be added.  This money can only be used for road associated projects (i.e. breakage, curbing, re-paving.)  


OPTION 3:   Two (2) Reserve Accounts  =  11 Votes

A designated "catastrophic" reserve fund with a $15,000 cap.  Money can only be used for major "out of the ordinary repairs", and a designated "road" fund to which a yearly budgeted amount will be added.  This money can only be used for road associated projects (i.e. breakage, curbing, re-paving.) 


Following the June 2012 annual meeting, the Board met to elect the 2012-2013 officers.  They are:


Jeanie Bettcher – President                                                Rick Wilson – Director

Dennis Williams – Vice-President                                        Tom McHenry - Director

Karen Howerton – Secretary/Treasurer                              Rick Mathisen – Director *


*Following the 2012 annual meeting, Leslie Powell tendered his resignation.  The Board subsequently offered his position to Rick Mathisen who graciously accepted.   Leslie will continue to monitor/update the Association’s website.


Board members can be reached by phone or email via the following:


Jeanie Bettcher / 850-232-3060                                          Rick Wilson / 850-686-9199                              


Dennis Williams / 251-979-9418                                          Tom McHenry / 850-723-5886                             


Karen Howerton / 850-375-9313                                         Rick Mathisen / 617-653-6542                         


To reach the Board as a whole:


Board meetings are usually held the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Members are welcome to attend, but we ask that you contact the Board ahead of time as seating space is limited and meetings can change without notice due to Board members’ schedules.  If we know you want to attend, we will be able to notify you of any changes.


The Pond Committee continues to monitor and treat each pond as needed.  If you would like to volunteer to help in this process please contact Tommy Taylor at


The Board received notice from Pat’s Bobcat service that they could no longer maintain the Association’s property.  As a result bids are being requested from three lawn care services.  The winning contractor will be announced at the 2013 annual homeowner’s meeting.




Because Board members cannot be in all places within our subdivisions with any regularity, we would like to establish a “grounds committee” that would oversee the maintenance of all SLOA properties.  This would include the road right-of-ways, entrances and all common areas.  The grounds committee would report their findings and suggestions to the Board for final approval.  All suggested repairs/improvements outside of standard maintenance costs would in turn be brought before the homeowners for their input.


The gate lock was found broken in August 2012.  Repair time took approximately two weeks, and the lock was re-installed September 2nd. 


Whenever you visit the boat launch area and find the gate unlocked, please lock it.  This will prevent non-members from using the Association’s private launch. 




New launch keys were initiated in May 2010.  Members who take possession of their assigned key and subsequently sell their property/home are required to turn their gate key over to the new owners at the time of closing.  If a seller does not give their key to the buyer, the new owner must pay $100.00 for a gate key.  If you are a new property owner within the Association and do not have a key by which to open the gate, please contact Jeanie Bettcher at 850-232-3060 to make arrangements to pick up and/or purchase your key. 


Please remember that all common areas belong, not just to you, but to your fellow SLOA members.  It is the members who pay for the fish in the ponds, upkeep and repair of the wells, aerators, the roads and road right-of-ways, common areas, etc.  It is also the members who pay the Association’s liability insurance.  


Any time you allow non-homeowners the use of SLOA common areas (ponds, boat launch, the boardwalk, etc.) you as the SLOA member must accompany your guest(s) at all times.  Anyone found on SLOA property who is not accompanied by an SLOA member will be instructed to leave.




The electrical pole located near the picnic table at the water’s edge of the Sweetwater Loop common area had been struck by lightning and was showing signs of decay.  Consequently the pole and all electrical wires were replaced in December 2012.



The stake and chain barrier placed around the east side of Donovan Landing’s entrance was erected in 2011 as a result of vehicles using O’Sullivan Lane as an on/off ramp to/from Highway 90.  Not only was this unwanted traffic leaving trash on SLOA property, but it was also killing the grass, creating bald spots along O’Sullivan Drive and, left unchecked, would have damaged the road itself. 


Even though the County erected “NO PARKING” signs on both sides of the Highway, cars continue to park with little to no objection from the agencies that govern those right-of-ways. 


Because members that live in Donovan Landing use that entrance on a daily basis, in April 2012 the Board emailed everyone in Donovan Landing for whom we had an email address, and asked whether or not they wanted to see the stakes and chain removed.  The overwhelming majority of those that responded wanted them left in place until another solution could be enacted.


This barricade was intended to be a temporary fix.  The Board is looking to you for suggestions.  If you have an idea or know of a means by which this area can be protected without being too intrusive, we’d love to hear from you.


The Board plans to have a light installed at this entrance so the sign can be seen more easily at night.



As has been mentioned in previous meetings and newsletters, the Board has not moved forward with any improvements to the east entrance of Seminole Landing based upon land ownership issues.  Due to erosion concerns and the potential for damage to the ditches and road, the Board has obtained bids to install ground cover along both sides of the entrance on known SLOA property. 


Because plants and/or grass in these areas cannot survive without water, a sprinkler system has been installed within the SLOA right-of-ways up both sides of the hill.   We hope to have the ground cover installed sometime before mid February.


The Board had discussed installing a light over the east entrance sign so as to make it more visible from Highway 90.  To our surprise the electrician who was called to provide a cost estimate informed the Board that a ground light was already in place and just needed minor repairs.  Hence the reason for the well lit Seminole Landing east entrance sign.




The Board has learned that one of the parcels of land owned by Navanod Realty that adjoins Highway 90 and Erin Pond Road was purchased in December by a company who has been known to build structures and then lease them to Dollar General.  No further information is known at this time.




As was mentioned by a concerned lot owner at the June 2012 annual meeting, please DO NOT permit your dogs to relieve themselves on your fellow property owner’s mailboxes, in their yards, the common areas or on SLOA roads.  Whenever you walk your dogs and they poop anywhere off your property, be prepared to pick it up and take it with you. 


Those of you who allow your pets to run loose, please know that your neighbors are not happy about their comings and goings, especially when the animal leaves an unwanted “gift” behind.  Be considerate and take the necessary steps to confine your pets so they are not a nuisance to others that live within the Association.




The Board has received numerous complaints regarding minors on all terrain vehicles, golf carts, go-carts, etc. driving and/or speeding on SLOA roads, common areas and private property.  They have been seen driving at all hours of the night with no headlights and no adult supervision.  If these complaints continue to escalate, the Board (at the request of a majority of the homeowners) may find it necessary to enact a curfew to prevent those 16 and younger from roaming SLOA roads and common areas after specified hours.




Because of a growing concern, no less than 25 members have commented on the need for speed bumps within the Association.  Although that option was voted against at the last meeting, we as a community need to realize the anguish we are causing our fellow neighbors.  There are young children and grandchildren that get off/on the buses and/or visit grandparents.  Heaven forbid a speeding driver should strike one of these kids by accident.  For everyone’s sake, please adhere to the SLOA 25 MPH speed limit.



SLOA members issued an SLOA email address receive alerts and notices regarding criminal mischief and/or potential safety hazards as the information is made known to the Board.  If you do not have an SLOA email address but would like one established in your name, please notify the Board via email.


EMAIL ADDRESS UPDATES:  If in the past you were receiving SLOA email notices but have not received any of late, chances are at some point your personal email address changed, and we were not notified.  [Your personal and SLOA email addresses are linked.]  If you want to receive notices, please send us your current personal email address, and we will update our records accordingly.


OF NOTE:   Email notifications distributed by the Board are sent via BLIND COPY.  Your personal and SLOA email addresses are confidential and not seen by anyone except Board members.




For those that may not be aware, Karen Howerton (the Association’s current Secretary/Treasurer) is a commissioned notary public, and her notary services are free to all SLOA members.  If you would like to have something notarized, you can reach Karen via the phone number and/or email address listed on page 2 of this newsletter.




What a great effort on the part of many of you who stepped up to police our streets during the most recent episode of “suspicious activity”.  The Board heard from a good many homeowners who took the time to follow and monitor unknown/suspicious vehicles within the neighborhood.  As soon as the non-members realized they were being watched and/or followed, they immediately left the subdivision. 


Bob Perkins, Rick Mathisen and Curtis Smith continue to do security drives throughout the subdivisions as their schedules permit.  If we all work together to help one another in monitoring those that should not be in our neighborhood, we will have greater success in keeping the criminal element out of our area.




Last year 9 SLOA properties underwent ownership changes.  On behalf of the Association the Board would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest “Seminolians”.   If you’d like to know about the different amenities within the Association (common areas, fishing ponds, boat launch, boardwalk, etc.) the Board is just a phone call or email away.




The Association’s annual assessments are officially due January 1st of each year.  Members have until March 31st to pay before incurring a $25.00 late fee. 




The 2013 annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for the last Saturday in April.  Members will receive written notification once the meeting place and time are confirmed.


If you would like to see something included on the agenda, please bring it before the Board prior to March 10th.