Projects and Updates

community newsflash!




ASSOCIATION ENTRANCES:   As was discussed at the April 2011 Annual Meeting, the reason the Board has not issued an Association vote to improve both the Donovan Landing and east Seminole Landing entrances is because there are property ownership issues at these locations.  The east Seminole Landing entrance sign currently sits on the Alabama state right-of-way.  The Donovan Landing sign sits on Navonod property (as does the Seminole Landing west entrance sign.)   There is also the issue of where the new Styx River Bridge will be located.  Once we have more finite information and/or have secured ownership of the properties in question, the Board will seek the members’ approval to proceed with a layout, cost estimate, etc. for enhancing these entrances.



DONOVAN LANDING ENTRANCE:  The green stake and yellow chain barrier that was erected around the Donovan Landing sign in 2011 was intended to be a temporary fix to prevent people from illegally parking on SLOA property.  The Board feels that for the present time it is prudent to leave the barricade as is until an alternate means can be established that will prevent the destruction of SLOA property. 



HIGHWAY 90 DITCH CLEANING:  Because of the continual unchecked growth of vegetation in the culvert and ditch that runs parallel to Highway 90 between Seminole Landing’s east entrance and the Styx River, the Board asked the Alabama Department of Transportation as well as our County Commissioner to remove the dirt for safety reasons.   As a result most of the ditch has been cleared, but a good bit of dirt remains in the culvert that runs under Donovan Drive.  We hope to have the County clear this in the near future.


POND MAINTENANCE:  The Pond Committee continues to monitor and treat each pond as needed. Two new turtle traps were purchased this year (one for Little Erin & one for Sweetwater Loop).  Tommy Taylor monitors the trap in Big Erin Pond, and Rick Wilson monitors the trap in Little Erin Pond.  We are looking for someone who can monitor (remove and relocate the turtles) from the Sweetwater Loop trap.



GROUNDS MAINTENANCE:  Bob’s Bobcat Service will be maintaining the Association’s grounds in 2012.



BIG ERIN POND - COMMON AREA (Southwest corner of Big Erin Pond – Opposite the picnic table):  This area was recently cleared so members wanting to fish now have access to the pond.  



SLOA RIGHT-OF WAYS:  There are numerous right-of-way areas within the Association that need repair.  In some cases where the grass has died, the ground has eroded and dirt has moved into the drainage ditches.   In 2011 the Board sought professional guidance on how to repair these areas.  They were instructed not to make any repairs at that time due to the drought.  So as to make these repairs in 2012, the Board is seeking individuals who will serve on a committee that will develop a plan and get bids for this work.  



SLOA WEBSITE UPDATES:  We’ve recently updated the SLOA website to include the latest Board meeting minutes (November 2011) as well as the 2012 annual assessment invoice.  Whenever you view this website, if you notice anything that needs updating please contact the Board, and we will gladly address the issue.



ASSESSMENT COLLECTIONS:  There were a good many members who did not pay their 2011 annual assessment by the allotted March 31st due date.  As a result the late fee has been increased to $25.00 per lot.  If you cannot pay your assessment on time, you must pay the late fee (no exceptions).  If you are experiencing a hardship, please contact the Board to discuss payment arrangements.



2012 SLOA ANNUAL MEETING:  We anticipate the 2012 Annual Meeting will again be held in April of this year.  The date, time and place will be posted on the SLOA website 45 days prior to the meeting and a notice will be sent via US Mail no less than 30 days prior to the meeting.



BOARD MEETINGS:  Board meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Members are welcome to attend, but we ask that you contact us ahead of time as seating space is limited and meetings can change without notice due to Board members’ schedules.  If we know you want to attend, we will be able to notify you of any changes.



SLOA BOARD OF DIRECTOR POSITIONS:  Three board positions will be up for election in 2012.  Two are 2 year terms (2012 to 2014).  One is a 1 year term (2012 to 2013).  Current Board members whose terms will end in 2012 are Jeanie Bettcher, Dennis Williams and Dave Parra (who recently resigned for personal reasons). 


We’d like to encourage anyone who is  interested in serving on the Board to contact one of your fellow Board members so your name can be placed on the voting ballot.  As always nominations will also be taken from the floor at the annual meeting.



UNAUTHOIRIZED USE OF COMMON AREAS:  Please remember that if you allow non-homeowners the use of SLOA common areas (ponds, boat launch, boardwalk) you as the SLOA Member must accompany your guest(s) at all times.  Anyone found on SLOA property who is not accompanied by an SLOA member will be asked to leave.



CAR THEFTS & HOME INVASIONS   In April 2011 an organized group of thieves came through our subdivision and stole items from numerous unlocked cars.  Stolen items included handguns, wallets, and hand tools.  (Some of the vehicles had keys in the ignition. Luckily the thieves were only interested in small, quick sale type items. 


The Sheriff’s office notified one of our members who had provided his gun registration to the deputy, that his stolen handgun had been recovered along with other items.   If you were a car theft victim, you might want to contact the Sheriff’s office to see if any of the recovered items belong to you.


On December 21, 2011 there were two attempted home invasions; one on Erin Pond Road East in Seminole Landing and the other on Juniper Road in Donovan Landing.  Both attempts were cut short because the homeowners had home alarm systems which triggered at the point of attempted entry (back doors in both cases).  These attempts were made during the day in heavy rain. 


There were two successful home invasions on December 23, 2011.  One house was on Donovan Drive in Seminole Landing, the other on Juniper Road in Donovan Landing.   Both break-ins were through the back doors, and unfortunately the alarm systems were not turned on in these homes.  As such the robberies took jewelry, coins, a laptop and other small items. 


Please take the necessary measures to protect your personal property.  Keep a close eye out for people and vehicles that appear to be out-of-place in our subdivisions.  Write down the make and color of the vehicle and get license plate numbers when possible.  Watch out for your neighbors, and keep one another informed of any pertinent information.



SLOA EMAIL ADDRESSES:  Our SLOA email addresses have made it very easy to get the word out concerning the recent break-ins.  If you have not already requested an SLOA email address, please let someone on the Board know you would like one issued and/or contact us via the SLOA website at  NOTE:  If your personal email address has recently changed, please let us know as this will affect your ability to receive these types of alerts.



SEMINOLE FIRE DEPARTMENT:  For those not familiar with the Seminole Fire Department, this is an all voluntary organization.  The firemen, and those associated, train on their own time.  Thanks to their efforts we all pay lower homeowner insurance premiums. 


The department does an annual drive in late November/early December to help raise money to purchase equipment and other needed items.  If you would like to become a part of this fire department or just want more information contact Kenny Ping at 946-3103.  If you would like to make a tax-free donation you may do so by sending it to the Seminole Fire Department, 33723 Lost River Road, Seminole, AL  36574.