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May to September 2010 – Board Activities and General Maintenance


DONOVAN LANDING:  HIGHWAY 90 TO BROWNSLANDING STREET ACCESS:  Some GPS programs still indicate cars can gain access to Brown’s Landing Road from Highway 90 by going through the Donovan Landing subdivision.  It’s been noted that when drivers realize they cannot gain access via Juniper Road, they tend to speed back out of the neighborhood.  Homeowners voiced their concern to the Board for their children’s safety.  As a result a “NO OUTLET” sign was installed at the entrance to Donovan Landing.  Reports from those families indicate this sign has dramatically cut down the amount of traffic through that area.


PARKING ISSUES:  Cars have recently begun parking along Highway 90 on the road’s shoulder just west of the Styx River Bridge.  Some of these cars have been parking on Donovan Landing property.  We have made the Alabama Highway Patrol aware of this problem, and the County has since installed a “NO PARKING” sign.  If you see cars parked in these areas, please contact the Alabama Highway Patrol, and they will send someone to ticket those individuals.  As an alternative means to stop these infractions, the Board is researching companies that can/will tow cars at owner’s expense.  


HIGHWAY STREET SIGNS:  We’ve had a number of street signs stolen along Highway 90.  The highway sign at Donovan’s Landing (O’Sullivan Lane) was stolen.  The County Road Department replaced it at our request, and within two days of the new sign being installed it was stolen again.  The highway sign at the Seminole Landing West entrance was stole, and luckily Rick Wilson found it in the woods and was able to repair the sign.  As each sign cost the County $45.00, please help monitor any unusual activity in these areas.


SLOA STREET SIGNS:  The street sign at the corner of Donovan Drive and Riverlake Road has been relocated and is now closer to that intersection making it more accessible to visitors searching for that intersection.


DITCH REPAIRS:  There has been considerable erosion along the concrete ditches in Donovan’s Landing along Juniper Road, Seminole Landing at the front entrance and near the boat launch on Donovan Drive, Donovan’s Circle, Erin Pond Road West as well as the storm water runoff ditch that goes from Erin Pond Road directly into Big Erin Pond.  These were repaired at a cost of $525.00.


POND MAINTENANCE:  The Pond Committee continues to monitor and treat each pond as needed.  Recently a new weed killer was spread throughout the ponds in an effort to stop the weeds from growing at the bottom as previous weed killers only killed weeds that were on top of or above the water line.


A new aerator has been installed in the Sweetwater Loop Pond.  There was damage to the Sweetwater Loop well (possible lightning strike) and this has been repaired.


UNAUTHOIRIZED USE OF COMMON AREAS:  Please remember that if you allow non-homeowners the use of SLOA common areas (ponds, boat ramp, boardwalk) you as the SLOA member must accompany your guest(s) at all times.  Anyone found on SLOA property who is not accompanied by an SLOA member will be asked to leave.


BOAT LAUNCH GATE LOCK AND KEYS:  The Board has ordered a new lock for the boat launch gate as well as new keys.  These will be distributed at the next SLA Annual Meeting.


ASSESSMENT COLLECTIONS:  The Board has elected to take additional measures in collecting delinquent Association assessments.  In addition to liens being placed against the lot owner’s property, suits will be filed via small claims court by the SLOA attorney.   All legal fees associated with liens and/or suits will be the responsibility of the delinquent homeowner.


BOAT DOCK ACCESS:  As those of you who use the boat launch are aware, a ramp was installed earlier this year which provides easier access to the boat dock when launching one’s boat. 


GROUNDS MAINTENANCE BID:  Work to maintain the SLOA common areas (grass cutting, trimming, etc.) will go out for bid in September. Results will be announced at the next Annual Meeting.